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Boys are cuddly. 

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so matt’s shaved his head

now karen did it too


we’re waiting

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#and in that moment I swear we were all Bradley James

We have the same birthday, so maybe I am Bradley James.

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Why did I not find this song sooner?

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Happy Birthday Nelson Mandela

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A nice little tune to start your day.

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Star Trek (2009) Bechdel Test
Star Trek Into Darkness Bechdel Test
Interview with Gene Roddenberry
Star Trek (2009) Budget
Star Trek Into Darkness Budget

Because I’ve been thinking about all of this a lot lately, and I decided I should probably channel that thought into something.

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What people mean when they say they’re not having kids.


What people mean when they say they’re not having kids.

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Esoterica: hamburgerjack: DYSAETHESIA AETHIOPICA: atriptothemorg:...


DYSAETHESIA AETHIOPICA: atriptothemorg: failedblackwoman: IDK how casting Bagels Cucumbers as…



IDK how casting Bagels Cucumbers as Khan isn’t disrespectful to Gene Roddenberry tbh. 

That man fought networks tooth and nail to have people of different races on his show. He fought long and hard to have an interracial kiss on TV. 

My grandmother does not like Sci-Fi, but you better believe her ass was watching Star Trek, you know why? Because it was one of the few places you could see a black woman on TV. And she had an important job! She was important! She wasn’t just in the background. 

Shit, as fake and hokey as Chekov’s accent was, he made sure there was a russian on the show, why? BECAUSE HIS VERSION OF THE FUTURE WAS ONE OF DIVERSITY AND PEOPLE GETTING ALONG KINDA SORTA. 









(No I don’t know about the dude doing the Blue Steel back there, I barely remember Enterprise it’s boring)

“It’s about the actors performance.”

MAAAN, fuck that noise.

No, it’s not, there are HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of actors out there of Indian descent. You’re telling me that Binglebangle Coochiebutt was better than all of them? Show me the tapes, I gotta see that. Show me them auditions that I’m pretty sure they didn’t even do because casting a white dude is easier than being not a bastard.

People of color already struggle when it comes to seeing ourselves in the media, and before you go “But he’s a baaaad guy.” No one is saying that PoC can’t be cast as bad guys. It’s that we’re cast as the same kind of bad guys each and every fucking time. Mindless, one note, stereotypical. 

Khan was different, he was smart, he was strong, he was cunning, he was layered. He garnered the respect of his enemies he was that fucking great. AND HE WAS BROWN. AWESOME SAUCE YEEEEEAAAAAH. 

But nope, let’s cast a white dude because who gives a shit about diversity. HAHAHAA WE HONOR U GENE RODDENBERRY BY WHITEWASHING. 

P.S I’m just gonna link this cause shut up I do what i want. 


fucking preach 

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Polite cat 

That little headbutt in the second one gave me diabetes.

“Excuse me, human. I would like a petting, please. Yes, thank you.”

“Um, excuse me, human? Human? Ah yes, I’d like another petting please. Ah, thank you.”

Always reblog Polite Cat.


Oh my god the little headbutt in the second gif.

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Student Debt and the Crushing of the American Dream


Along with tougher regulation of for-profit schools and the banks they connive with, and more humane bankruptcy laws, we must give more support to middle-class families struggling to send their children to college, to ensure that they have a standard of living at least equal to that of their parents.

But a real long-term solution requires rethinking how we finance higher education. Australia has designed a system of publicly provided income-contingent loans that all students must take out. Repayments vary according to individual income after graduation. This aligns the incentives of the providers of education and the receivers. Both have an incentive to see that students do well. It means that if an unfortunate event happens, like an illness or an accident, the loan obligation is automatically reduced. It means that the burden of the debt is always commensurate with an individual’s ability to repay. The repayments are collected through the tax system, minimizing the administrative costs.

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